Superior geographical position

It is adjacent to Asia's largest perlite deposit, so the raw material is guaranteed.
The control of raw material, the use of local quality veinsfor all products and selecting c certain scale of
enterprise supply ensure the quality of the finished product.


Strength is abundant. has been 15 yearssine

Our company strength is abundant. It has been 15 yearssine
we have been involved in perlite industry in 1999.
We have two production bases with independent product testing
and research and development center in Xinyang.
Our company has more than 400 employees, the quality of technical and research
staff of 62 people and can bring about 37 million yuan taxes
with 120 million yuan output. Our company is the most
powerful perlite products manufacturing enterprises

convenient use of equipment and perfect after-sell service

We have professional laboratory, laboratory technicians and physical and chemical component testing.
The advanced production and testing equipment are better than the industry.
We have perfect after-sale servicesystem.
Each kind of product is retained sample for testing.
Xinyang Zhongke Mining Ltd. Cooperation
Tel:+86-0376-3888099、Fax: 0376-3881888、E-mail:hnxyzk@163.com
headquarter/factory address: Wuli town Pingqiao distract Xinyang ,Henan